ROpt (Rapid Optimisation)

Optimisation of a spring

Our concept, Rapid optimisation (ROpt), dramatically increases the usefulness of design optimisation.ROpt combines different analysis in an optimisation loop to fulfil your needs. You can use your specific analysis software, with your existing models in the optimisation loop. The actual optimisation problem is defined and solved using ROpt. The optimisation procedure helps the engineer find and choose the best possible design.  

ROpt is:    
  • a general platform for solving optimisation problems using gradient method (MMA) 
  • a Windows program
ROpt could:
  • optimise whatever one can analyze
  • use existing FE-models for shape and property optimisation
  • Include up to 100 different analysis in one optimisation
ROpt includes:
  • ROpt gui user interface for problem definition
  • ROpt morph meshmorphing for shape optimisation of existing FE-models( presently working for ansys and abaqus) 
  • ROpt opt optimisation solver

ROpt gui

ROpt morph

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