ROpt gui

Info: Summary of an optimisation project.
Analysis: Include all analysis needed for the optimisation.
Table: Define tables with bundled data, will be used together with Table variable below. Can be used for material, beam section or any selection variable.   

Design variables 

Design variable: Primary design variable, can be continues or discrete. The variabl could be used in the indata files for the included analsysis. Morphing variables will automatically be tranfered from ROpt morph to here.

Slave variable: Is a mathematical expression of primary design variables which can be used in the optimisation formulation.
Table variable: Is used together with "Table" above. The variable is a pointer to a row in the table. Used for different kind of selection variables. For example material or beam section  selection.
Objective function: Is formulated as one or more function of variables and/or output data from included analysis. If several function is defined the problem will be solved as a MinMax problem. Typical used for minimze maximum stresses in a region.
Constraint: Defined by variables and/or output data from included analysis. Could be of type <,> or = .< /FONT >< /FONT >
Execution: Set up optimisation parameters and start optimisation. Deafult values works fine in most cases.


Objective&constraints: Monitoring the objective function and constraints during optimisation. Results for all iterations is available and it's possibly to view and animate the geometric results if mesh morphing is included in the optimisation.

Variables: Monitoring design variables during optimisation.
Derivatives: Monitoring derivatives for objective function and constraints with respect to variables. 
Log file: Just a log of an ongoing optimisation.
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